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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Items For Your Prepping Library

Forum member TaffyJ posted about a particularly good series of books from the Hesperian Foundation. Here are the books available for download with links. Readers are encouraged to add them to their physical library by printing them out or purchasing the published versions.

The Hesperian Foundation requests email verification for downloads. The following links take you to their website:
A Community Guide to Environmental Health (Paperback)
Where There Is No Doctor (Paperback)
Where Women Have No Doctor (Paperback)
A Book for Midwives (Paperback)
A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities (Paperback)
Disabled Village Children (Paperback)
HIV Health and Your Community (Paperback)
Helping Children Who Are Deaf (Paperback)
Helping Children Who Are Blind (Paperback)
A Worker's Guide to Health and Safety
Cholera Prevention Fact Sheet
Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment
Water for life
Pesticides are poison
Safe Handling of Health Care Waste
Women's Health Exchange
Global Health Watch 2005-2006
Global Health Watch 2
Where There Is No Dentist (Paperback)
The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

Some of the above books are also available in other languages. Check out Hesperian's Download Page for more information.

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