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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Must Have in your Dental Prep Kit

First Must Have in your Dental Prep Kit
From: roger o

Hi Everyone, in this first tip for what you should have in your dental emergency kit, I am going to tell you about a very simple yet invaluable product.

First, some language definitions; oil of cloves is the same as eugenol
cap is the same as crown

Other than routine dental hygiene and having toothpaste (whole 'nuther topic!) and dental floss, we have to address what to do in case of dental pain, the loss of a filling or cap, or an ulceration in your mouth.

One of the oldest, yet best medications we have to solve most dental problems is oil of cloves, also known as eugenol. A quick Google search revealed many sites devoted to the benefits of oil of cloves such as http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/251.html.

Eugenol, applied to a sore tooth, or on the gum tissue will reduce or eliminate pain within a very short time. Eugenol is highly anti-microbial, and wonderful for all kinds of infections, similar to tea tree oil. It can be somewhat irritating to sensitive gums, but can be thinned out with olive oil very effectively.

In addition, when mixed with zinc oxide powder, it can be made into a thick easily handling temporary filling material that can be placed in a tooth when a filling is lost, or inside a cap to recement it.

Eugenol is shelf stable essentially indefinately (although it will turn dark over time). It can be purchased at Amazon.com, as well as health food stores. Zinc oxide is also shelf stable, and can be purchased at Amazon, and many other sources.

A warning to all: Using any self applied medication is not a substitute for professional dental care. At the first sign of dental pain, swelling of problem of any kind, seek the advice and treatment of a licensed dentist.

Yours in health!

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1 comment:

CherB said...

Great article and I learned about the other terms for oil of clove. What you might want to include is Vitamin C tablets. These are great to have on hand because they can stop an infection in the mouth and heal up gum tissue. If for some reason you could not get around to cleaning your teeth properly do to moving etc, you take a sip of water and then take one tab and roll around in your mouth. Use tongue to rub against spots that seem to be irritated. If you can do it till the tablet is mostly melted, wash down the remaining tablet. If you are not used to taking vitamin C, bruise easily (probably have leaky gut syndrome) your body will pass much more C than a healthy person making you sun sensitive. Cut pill in quarters and start by using a quarter once a day for over a week. If you have a more serious problem use another quarter at the site and rinse with water after a few minutes.
Vitamin C can also be used to keep food longer, (ascorbic acid)or some foods like applesauce white instead of brown, and stop strokes from happening if your showing signs of easily bruising on the skin, means it can happen in veins, intestines, and brain tissue.

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