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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Magnesium Fire Starters

Many folks have those old magnesium block fire starters in case of an emergency, but how many actually know how to use them properly?

Forum Goer Tigger2 asked that very question over in this thread. Here was my answer:

Use the hacksaw blade to shave the block (which is the actual magnesium). Do this till you have a nice sized pile in/on your kindling. I usually take 5 minutes worth of shavings working at a slow pace. Then, take the hacksaw blade and hold it over the pile. Put the ferrocerium rod against it firmly and pull the rod back. This should send a shower of sparks against the magnesium. This should cause it to ignite.

Below is a video example from a non-affiliated youtube channel.

What is your preferred backup fire-starting method? Have you practiced it recently?

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