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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Conscientious Recycler Does Something Smaller

I was pleasantly suprised today to find out one of our local citizens made the news by making a statement about waste. For one year, she saved all the non-recyclable plastic or refuse that could not otherwise be recycled at her home. This included any napkins or plastic she might use at restaurants! The reporter who went to interview her expected to see several bags worth and was amazed to find only about 5pounds of trash total in a single bin.

See the live News Clip and a picture of Liz!


I know hard she works at something really important because, if you ever went walking on most city streets now days your going to see some papers blowing around. This bothers a lot of us but we choose to ignore it. Its someone else responsibility.

I have met Liz several times and she is always there to listen to anyone
who might wish to offer a way to make our city greener and encourages
any amount of positive energy no matter how small and make it so worth
wile. Her energies have wide effects into various regions from
recycling, growing a community garden, or even bringing life back to
some of neighborhoods with reclamation; including Habitat for Humanity
on the near West side.

People can get involved through Syracuse grows, Slow Food, as well as
through the Alchemical Nursery Project which supports permaculture, and
green living. (alchemicalnursery.org)

On top of that, she also loves to crochet non-recyclable materials as
much as I do!
Gotta love that! Cher


Bullseye said...

Great post Cher. Sorry I am just now making my way over to say hello and welcome to the network, always busy like everyone else. Keep up the good work and I'll be back soon.

Kymber said...

Wicked Cher! What an awesome feel good post! I loved it and am leaving with a smile! Good job girl!

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